11JSC «Kirovsky Mashzavod 1 Maya»

Occupies the area of 399 460 m2
The operating area of the main and auxiliary productions units is 75 402 m2.

The Plant specializes in production of diesel-electric and hydraulic railway cranes, as well as railroad machinery for construction, repair and routine maintenance of mainline tracks and branch lines and spur tracks of industrial enterprises.


1. Foundry, production capacity:

  •  steel casting - up to 11 000 tons/year
  •  cast iron - up to 8 000 tons/year
  •  non-ferrous casting - up to 580 tons/year

2. Forge and press, production capacity up to 4 400 tons/year

3. Blank production, with equipment for gas torch and plasma flame cutting, laser and guillotine cutting

4. Welding, production capacity up to 10 000 tons of metalware per year, including 95% - mechanized machine welding in active gas media

5. Metal-working with turning lathes, milling, drilling, boring, grinding-and-polishing, slotting, tooth cutting and broaching equipment

6. Assembly lines, total area - 2 329 m2

7. Dyeing and galvanic plating

8. Tool Production

Up-to-date equipment and modern technologies combined with over 110 years of experience in production of railway machinery enable the JSC "Kirovsky mashzavod 1 Maya" to deliver products that meet all the requirements of the today’s world.
In 2003, the system of the Plant’s product quality management was certified as ISO 9001:2000 by the British company BM TRADA. In 2010 the Plant was recertified as ISO 9001:2008. In 2011 the Plant was recertified as ISO 9001:2008 by German company «DQS». Preparation for certification according to IRIS.