Dear colleagues,

“Kirovsky Mashzavod 1 Maya” JSC is a modern fast growing company, the main direction of activities of which is design, development and manufacture of rail-mounted diesel-electric and hydraulic cranes with the lifting capacity from 16 to 150 tons, and track machines for construction, repair and maintenance of the main railway lines and industrial approaches.  Having a rich history, basing on the experience of the previous generations, applying the innovative technologies and developments in the manufacturing process and advanced methods in management, we face the future with confidence. 
Strong industrial base consisting of the casting, press forging, metal processing, blanking, welding, assembly, tool-making, paint processing and plating facilities, with a state-of-the-art high-technology equipment, as well as qualified design and production staff, allows to produce high quality and reliable in operation products that are in demand not only in Russia but also within the former Soviet Union and beyond. Tens of thousands of kilometers of  steel trunks have been built and maintained in more than 35 countries of the world with the help of  the machines produced by the company. 
Development strategy of the “Kirovsky Mashzavod 1 Maya” JSC is based on the principles of identification, understanding and maximum gratification of the customer needs. Thanks to that the company has been a steady and reliable partner of the Russian and foreign customers for more than a century of its history.